Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Update Rollup 15 is available

Update Rollup 15 for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 is now available. This update only contains bug fixes and no new functionality.

Check out here for complete details: Rollup 15 for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 KB Article

Update Rollup 15 for Dynamics CRM 2011 provides the following improvements:

  • It includes a new feature that is scheduled to be delivered with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013. This feature moves the CRM client-specific workload into its own process so that it no longer shares memory with the Microsoft Office Outlook process. This feature is also known as Process Isolation.
  • It includes an upgrade to Microsoft SQL Server for Windows CE 4.0 for better memory management, better caching, and connection enhancements.
  • It updates the CRM for Outlook configuration files to make the CRM for Outlook SDF files compatible with SQL Server for Windows CE 4.0.
  • It materializes the Address Book Provider to reduce performance issues that  are caused by large address books.
  • It limits the amount of active open forms.
  • It provides a MAPI Lock time-out.
  • It hard codes a previous registry setting that prevented pinned views from pulling down information to local SQL CE cache. This new DisableMapiCaching  setting defaults to a value of 1. For more information about the behavior of this setting, see Slow Performance When Pinning Views in Microsoft Dynamics CRM
    Note: This value can be overridden by modifying the DisableMapiCaching  setting in the OrgDbOrgSettings tool if the critical update has been applied to the Dynamics CRM server. For more information, see OrgDBOrgSettings Tool for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011.

Update Rollup 15 resolves the following issues:

  • New organization setting to disable presence for Contacts.
  • Report Editor User Interface edit buttons for Categories, Related Record Types and Display have button displaying  “…” intended for editing the field options.
  • After the General and Administration tabs user focus moves to the address bar before returning to the form.
  • When a view list is opened, focus is not placed on the options and you cannot tab or use the arrow keys.
  • Dashboard Tab Ordering is incorrect.
  • Custom Entities are not available for Appointment lookup fields.
  • Menu not navigable with the keyboard when using screen reader.
  • Dynamics CRM 2011 SharePoint 2010 List Web Part Ignored When Using Metadata Managed Columns.
  • There are two tabs which are untitled frames on the new dashboard editing page when tabbing off the Name field.
  • Slow performance logging into the CRM for Outlook client when the organization has a large amount of teams. I.E. 5000 teams.
  • When qualifying a Lead using the Sales Refresh forms in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011, the contact information is missing from the newly created Opportunity form.
  • Performance issues when adding or removing a team  member due to the p_SystemUserBuEntityMapReinit stored procedure.
  • A blank page appears with an “Error on page” message in the Internet Explorer window when running a custom report on a custom  view.
  • Lookup view of the Site entity is not sorted correctly.
  • The CRM for Outlook client intermittently removes the due date from appointments.
  • Amounts of Opportunity Products are not calculated if  Opportunity Revenue is “User Provided”.
  • After upgrade to Update Rollup 12 you receive an error when trying to modify a workflow by deleting a condition from a Check Condition or Wait step. This error occurs if the Check Condition or Wait Condition contains a condition for a lookup field that was previously existing in the step. The error is as follows:This process cannot be created, updated or activated because it was created outside the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Web application. Your organization does not allow this type of workflow.
  • Users can select inactive queues under My Work | Queues when they should not appear here.
  • When you leverage retrieve multiple optimizations in  CRM 2011 and you request data from CRM using the 2007 endpoint those requests may result in errors if deletion state code attributes are  automatically included in the list of columns to be retrieved. These deletion state code attributes are added automatically for backward  compatibility to CRM 2007 endpoint requests.
  • Business required Currency field shows original value on mobile express when saving as blank.
  • SDK- FetchXmlToQueryExpressionRequest does not work after Update Rollup 11.
  • When creating a many-to-many relationship using both sides of the relationship as the same entity, the fields can be dragged and dropped to certain places on the navigation menu; however, they will continue to appear at the bottom.
  • After installing Update Rollup 12 there is an error using User Saved Views in Service Calendar. “Record is unavailable
    The requested record was not found or you do not have sufficient permissions to view it.”
  • The Service Activity page becomes very slow when using Internet Explorer 8 after Update Rollup 12.
  • When you run a report against all records on all pages for an entity shown in a sub area on an entity form, the report will not execute.
  • Goal entity’s Actual and In-Progress Associated Views  are incorrect.
  • Unable to create copies of emails in Microsoft Dynamics CRM when prompted: “This e-mail is already being tracked in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Do you want to create a copy of this item in Microsoft Dynamics CRM?”
  • Loading order of web resource script files is not respected after Update Rollup 12.
  • Reports started rendering with incorrect results after COD applied for running reports on a view with a related entity.
  • Unable to select, copy, and paste lookup text after Update Rollup 12.
  • DOM elements are being leaked in FilterPopup base class.
  • DOMElement _elmNavigationInstructions in Ribbon causing memory leak.
  • _elmLarge DOM Element in Ribbon Toggle Button Control  not disposed causing memory leak.
  • Service Calendar not refreshing.
  • Records with a custom N:1 relationship to connections fail to merge.
  • Records with a custom N:1 relationship to connections fail to merge. Updates made in connection record will not be cascaded to reciprocal connection record.
  • DOMElement _elmScrollCurtain and _elmStoredFocus in Ribbon causing memory leak.
  • Recurring Meetings Start Time change synchronization issue from Outlook to CRM.
  • Many unnecessary spaces in the email body of Email Activities.
  • Notification is incorrectly shown for child dialogs.
  • Tasks do not appear in Activities view if User is  assigned to team in Child BU.
  • CRM Mobile Express saving numeric/currency values with incorrect CrmCultureInfo.
  • POA table not cleaned up after deleting related Activity types.
  • Jscript logic issue on Phone Call Activity.
  • CRM 2011 UR11 Critical Update Causes Dashboard Views Not to Refresh.
  • Error on Dynamic export when Advanced Find linked entity filtered on Date field.
  • Getting error “Table alias ‘alias name’ is not  unique” when opening certain views.
  • Unable to save a check condition or wait condition step  if lookup condition exists on step.
  • Custom duration fields are defaulted to 1 minute after Update Rollup 12.
  • “Contains” and “Does Not Contain”  workflow data filters are not available post Update Rollup 12.
  • Post Update Rollup 12, the SetFocus called after form  is enabled for user interaction cancels navigation.
  • Set regarding broken when using CRM 4.0 client with CRM  2011 Update Rollup 12 server.
  • Grid View Selector DOM Elements are being leaked.
  • CRM 2011 Outlook Client goes to “Online”  state automatically when in offline mode.
  • Post Update Rollup 12 Offline Synchronization Filters  resets the Outlook Synchronization Filters unexpectedly.
  • Records with a custom N:1 relationship to connections  fail to merge.
  • Updates made in connection record will not be cascaded  to reciprocal connection record.
  • Link-entity filter criteria not shown in UI when a link-entity column is added first.
  • When you use the CRM client for Outlook 32-bit, you may notice high memory usage and once memory increases to much Outlook may exit unexpectedly.
  • CRM client for Outlook exits unexpectedly after navigating to CRM folders and opening CRM records. (form Isolation)
  • Scheduling Alert warning missing post Update Rollup 12.
  • DOM element event handlers are not being removed in all places causing memory leaks.
  • Lync presence icon absent in Grid View/Form controls.
  • Appointment owner changes to an attendee that synchronizes the appointment first.
  • Group Policy causing white screen for lookup in Outlook Client.
  • Sending Mail Merge To More Than 3000 Recipients Causes Errors. “An error has occurred in Microsoft Dynamics CRM Mail Merge.”
  • Server is queried for Duplicate detection settings on every record when Outlook goes Online.
  • KBs word wrap getting ignored when a / is at end of line.
  • If field is used twice on a form, merge fails if field is null in the child.
  • QualifyMember message not available in the plugin registration.
  • DOMElements being leaked out of Ribbon Group.
  • Ribbon Tooltips Are Leaking DOM Elements.
  • Email Router: Attachment file name of incoming emails is coming with GUID appended in it.
  • Import managed solution fails when contains custom activity attribute changes.
  • Duplicate detection return no records when tracking contact from Outlook.
  • IE10: Notification cannot display while first click “Export” button on “Export Data to Excel” wizard in Outlook client.
  • Deleting pinned views can corrupt TabOrderXml causing rending issues in Outlook.
  • Exporting Application ribbon contains duplicate value in XML.
  • Exporting Reports Opens Window Outside of CRM client for Outlook.
  • Report page cannot work when the report is created with existing file on outlook client.
  • UR14 Outlook Client fails to synchronize contacts after reconfigure.
  • Outlook task removes due date intermittently.
  • After upgrade to UR12 you receive an error when trying to modify a workflow by deleting a condition from a Check Condition or  Wait step.
  • Applying Update Rollup 14 for Microsoft Dynamics CRM      2011 causes several database updates to not be applied if the system had  Update Rollup 13 applied previously.
  • After installing the Update Rollup 11 Critical Update for the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Client For Outlook, grids are no longer being refreshed.
  • SetStateRequest for KB Article should need prvWriteArticle privilege.
  • Outlook crashes in this scenario: Install UR6 -> Patch to UR11 -> Patch to UR11 + -> Uninstall Patch UR11+
  • Outlook Client failing to install patch when machine name/ domain are longer than 125 characters with Error code:1638
  • Report page does not work when the report is created with existing file on outlook client.
  • Set Regarding not returning record after applying  Update Rollup 11 Critical Update.
  • WebFormsHost process does not allow to open forms once recycling of processes is complete in Terminal Service scenario.
  • Publishing CRM report failed as parent report already links to another report with same name.

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