Image field in Dynamics CRM 2013

Image field is one of the new feature and very useful in Dynamics CRM 2013, use image fields to display a single image per record in the application. Each entity can have one image field. You can add an image field to custom entities but not to system entities. The following system entities have an image field. Some of them are enabled by default.

Entity Name Enabled by default
Account Yes
Article No
Campaign No
Case No
Competitor Yes
Connection No
Contact Yes
Contract No
Currency No
Email Server Profile No
Goal No
Invoice No
Lead Yes
Mailbox No
Opportunity Product No
Order No
Organization No
Product Yes
Publisher Yes
Queue No
Resource Yes
Sales Literature No
Territory No
User Yes

Even though an entity has an image field, displaying that image in the application requires an additional step. In the entity definition the Primary Image field values are either [None] or Entity Image. Choose Entity Image to display the image in the application.


When image display is enabled for an entity, any records that don’t have an image will display a placeholder image. For example, the Lead entity:

02-Entity Image

People can click the default image to upload a picture from their computer. Images must be less than 5120 KB and must one of the following formats:

  • jpg
  • jpeg
  • gif
  • tif
  • tiff
  • bmp
  • png

When the image is uploaded it will be converted to a .jpg format and all downloaded images will also use this format. If an animated .gif is uploaded, only the first frame is saved.

When an image is uploaded it will be resized to a maximum size of 144 pixels by 144 pixels. People should resize or crop the images before they upload them so that they will display well using this size. All images are cropped to be square. If both sides of an image are smaller than 144 pixels, the image will be cropped to be a square with the dimensions of the smaller side.

Create image field on custom entity: To create image field on custom entity, you need to first create custom entity and create a field with Image data type. After you create image field, by default Primary Image will be set to image field which you created, if you want to hide the image in the application, go to entity definition options and change Primary Image field value to [None]

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